Bankruptcies & Consumer Proposals

Bankruptcies & Consumer Proposals

Filing for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal is usually never anyone’s first choice, but a last resort for someone who simply can’t pay off their debts. What’s particularly stressful is when a person has to file for bankruptcy or consumer proposal because of events beyond their control. They’re also a challenge if you need to get car.

Regardless of why you’ve had to file for either of the two, Right Turn Auto Credit will see to it that you get approved for a car loan. Both bankruptcies and consumer proposals come with their challenges, but they don’t need to prevent from you finding an affordable and reliable car.

We Provide Honest Direction

It’s important to remember that bankruptcies and consumer proposals impact your credit. They stay on record for seven years, making it difficult to get approved for car loans and other types of credit. You can still get approved for a car loan, but your vehicle options will be limited to cars that suit your budget. We’ll remind you of this during your application process, but will still work hard to get you the best option that’s affordable and reliable for your unique circumstances.

Find Vehicle Options That Suit Your Budget

Once we know your basic financial picture, we’ll begin guiding you to vehicle options that fit your budget. We’ll look at your income and financial commitments so that it’s easy for you to make your loan payments on time, which will build your credit score over time. We’ll also increase the value of your purchase by searching for vehicles that have features for added safety, comfort and efficiency. This will ensure that your car stays in top condition for as long as possible, reducing the need to make repairs and keeping your car costs manageable.

Start Driving Your New Car

The best part of the experience of course is getting the keys to your new car! You have our guarantee that the vehicle you choose will work well with your budget while helping you meet the demands of your daily routine. You can also rely on us to get you a car that you’ll be proud to drive on a daily basis.

The Most Important Element

With a bankruptcy and consumer proposal, it’s important to see your car as more than just a car. Think of your loan as a “repair tool” that will help you rebuild your credit score. When you make regular payments on your car loan, and on time, this will help you build a payment history that looks favourable to lenders. Over time, your score will increase and you can eventually refinance your loan to pay lower rates.

Right Turn Auto Credit Will Get You Through the Hurdles

Trying to get financing for a car with a bankruptcy or consumer proposal on your record can be challenging. Here at Right Turn Auto Credit, we’ll see to it that you get approved for a car loan and more importantly, help you rebuild your credit along the way.