Car Loans with Personal Bankruptcy in Canada

Need help getting a car loan with Personal Bankruptcy in Canada and not quite sure how or where to get the right answers?

At Right Turn Auto Credit, we have access to licensed legal professionals in Ontario who are highly qualified to address Bankruptcy questions and concerns before or during the car loan process.

Challenges in Declaring Bankruptcy in Canada

Canadians may not know how certain financial difficulties can lead to declaring bankruptcy. Many who so happen to be deep in debt but still need to obtain vehicle financing often find themselves asking the questions “Should I file for personal bankruptcy?” or “Does a consumer proposal prevent me from getting a car loan?”.

According to various online personal bankruptcy resources in Canada, around 100,000 people turn to bankruptcy on a yearly basis. Out of this number, over 50% already have a car loan or are in the market looking for a reliable new or used vehicle. Just know that a Bankruptcy Car Loan in Ontario Canada is possible (based on meeting the lenders’ requirements) when working with our experienced professionals at Right Turn Auto Credit.

Should I file for bankruptcy if I have too much debt?

Filing for bankruptcy when one has too much debt is something that should be discussed with a Licensed Bankruptcy or Insolvency Lawyer.

The good news is, at Right Turn Auto Credit, we’ve partnered with some of the best local Toronto, Mississauga, Sudbury and Ontario Canada Bankruptcy and Insolvency Lawyers to help people get the car loan they need.

Personal Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal filings when one has too much debt is a situation we come across on a daily basis helping our auto finance customers.

Personal Bankruptcy Commonalities with People Looking to Buy Vehicles

  • Loss of employment income therefore no money to pay personal or business debts.
  • Bill payments are being made but the debt isn’t being reduced and just too much to handle.
  • Relying  solely on credit cards and line of credit – interest rates on the debt owing is high.
  • Stressed out about personal finances; affecting sleep and personal wellbeing.
  • Credit has been maximized and your bank will no longer issue further credit or loans.

Get the car loan you need today with Right Turn Auto Credit, even with Personal Bankruptcy in Canada.

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